Men’s Ministry

Our goal is to develop men who are spiritual leaders in our church and in their homes. We do this by creating a community where men can eat, pray, and fellowship together. Below are some of those fellowship opportunities.

Men Cook With Fire


What goes better with fellowship than food? Men cook with fire is a bunch of guys getting together and grilling out and just sharing life together. There is also a group devotion and time of prayer to help build our relationship with God.


[Date: Late-Spring]


Church Workdays

We take a lot of pride in our church building and we want to keep it looking the best as possible. The men of the church are encouraged to bring their landscaping equipment and power tools to help maintain what God has gifted to us.


[Date: Quarterly]


Annual BBQ


Slow cooked and savory is how we describe our annual BBQ. The men of the church are the ones in charge of preparing the meat and getting everything prepared. If you are interested in helping cook or set up, let us know.


[Date: Mid-October]


We’d love for you to join us on Sunday.